Lelsloom sells colourful knitted beanie hats, all handmade by me (Lel) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Beanie hats have always been a go-to accessory for me, yet I often found that shop bought beanie hats left that dreaded mark on my forehead, you probably know the one I mean, this is often caused by elastic in the brim. I never had this problem with my own knitted hats, so once I’d knitted more than enough for me, my family, and friends, Lelsloom was born.

Lelsloom beanies are seam-free and elastic free, giving a very comfortable fit.

Lelsloom opened on ETSY in 2016 and has now sold over 5000 handmade beanie hats worldwide. 

Why settle for fast fashion when you can have handmade?

Every beanie hat is handmade to order – just for you! When it comes to making beanies, I’ve always enjoyed making beanie hats that anyone can wear.

I don’t add any logos or branded tags to any Lelsloom beanies as I feel this can distract from the beanie itself, cause discomfort and also take away from the fact that you are purchasing a handmade item.

Experimenting with colours and different types of yarn is extremely good fun, and the result is often a beanie hat that you willl not find just anywhere, and all Lelsloom beanies are suitable for vegans!

Check out this review of the best selling brown fisherman beanie on YouTube ⬇️

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